App, content, service - without limits!

After data analysis and processing of the data model, it is important to consume the data and gain important insights from it. Platform Q! opens up numerous possibilities for the utilization of the data.


You can use the Report Designer to select different graphical representations to create your report. Different data types do not play a role, since the Report Designer can quickly adapt them to the needs of the business user.

Processing of REST API

Do you use other software such as Tableau or Qlikview to analyze your data? No problem, Platform Q! allows you to work with a REST API and consume your data in Json format through a URL.

Simulation Workbench

Platform Q! is equipped with a specially developed mathematical calculator, which enables simple to very difficult calculations.

The compatibility of Platform Q! also allows the Simulation Workbench to be combined with several services, such as IBM Watson or Matlab.

Content Packages

As an expert or company, you have valuable expertise that can be processed into content packages in the Platform Q! and the Q-Store. Companies can thus offer subsidiaries uniform solutions for recurring processes. These solutions are made available to the relevant departments or even the public via the Q-Store - just as you wish. You alone decide how much knowledge consumers receive from content packages. Your intellectual property is always protected.