Expand your offer

Knowledge is becoming an increasingly important resource in the data-driven age. Use Platform Q! to clearly differentiate yourself from your competitors and gain significant speed and flexibility in your project. The Q! store enables you to pack your process and industry know-how into content packages. Simple reusability and adaptability in the customer project improve your margin. In addition, you can sell your service several times via the Q! Store without being on site yourself. By producing knowledge in content packages, consulting services can be offered at a lower price. As a consultant, you can open up new sources of revenue for yourself and your company and spend more time on other customer needs so that their added value can be increased.


  • Significantly faster than the competition
  • Secure packaging of your own knowledge and marketing via Q! Store
  • Easier to win new customers
  • Effective work without annoying interface barriers
  • Slightly expand your own portfolio of products and services