WAVES and Platform Q!™ make sustainability transparent

Sustainable business models and solutions are absolutely in demand today. International movements like 'Fridays For Future' show that society is paying more and more attention to environmentally friendly consumption. Due to the growing relevance of sustainability in the corporate environment and increasing pressure on politicians to stay within CO2 limits, it can be expected that the topic of carbon footprint will also be a serious factor for companies in the future. In the future, medium-sized and large companies will be asked by their customers and investors what their LCA (Life cycle assessment) looks like and how much they burden the environment through their own business activities. This development also means that companies will have to define and consider new key figures. Suddenly it is also interesting for process evaluation how much CO2 is emitted during the production of a product or during delivery to the customer. Our partner WAVES S.à.r.l. enables their customers to run just such analyses with the help of Platform Q!™.

WAVES - the first sustainability management platform

Sustainability and digitization are so-called megatrends. The collision of these global developments is almost inevitable. Our partner WAVES has made this combination of sustainability and digitization its mission. As a result, the Luxembourg-based company has created the world's first sustainability management platform. Its portfolio contains industry-specific solutions that can be used across all branches and business models. In this way WAVES wants to have a positive influence on the environment, society and economy.  Specifically, the platform enables the calculation and analysis of ecological and social aspects in correlation with economic data. The solution thus creates transparency regarding the sustainability of companies and enables them to make reliable statements about the environmental and social compatibility of their supply chains and business processes. A sustainability management platform such as WAVES is a valuable tool in view of future legal norms such as the CO2 tax of the German Federal Government, in order to ensure legal compliance and to be able to provide reliable data and indicators to inspection authorities.

Transparency in CO2 reporting based on WAVES and Platform Q!™

CO2 emissions have the greatest impact on climate change. Almost every daily product causes the emission of CO2. For example, if we look at a standard commercial screw alone, the entire production, storage and transport of the individual part must be taken into account. All these processes cause CO2 emissions in a not inconsiderable amount. To calculate the carbon footprint of a screw, data from different source systems must be combined. This is exactly the reason why the WAVES sustainability management solution relies on Platform Q!™. All data sources necessary for the evaluation are connected to Q! without high technical effort. Thus, for example, environmental data are combined with product data and supplier data in real time and can be evaluated in a consolidated way. As soon as all data are available, the reliable calculation is based on current standards and in compliance with applicable laws using the WAVES solution. The analysis of the data, as well as the providing of reports, is done via the integrated BI-tool Qlik Sense or any other business intelligence system. If companies wish to use the reporting solutions within their own ERP system, platform Q!™ can send the necessary data to the required Business Intelligence system using a REST service so that the data can be displayed on site. This way no company has to question or even adapt its own IT infrastructure, but can integrate the WAVES solution into existing structures with the help of Q. Finally, the acquired data on the carbon footprint of the corresponding product can be printed directly on invoices or delivery notes. This enables companies to meet future industry-specific standards and federal laws regarding CO2 emissions. Together with our partner WAVES, Platform Q!™ thus ensures that more transparency is created across industries regarding the sustainability of companies.

Further information about WAVES and the Sustainability Management Platform they have developed can be found on their website.

During our Q! Explorer Week 2020 Matthias Brinkert presented exactly that live in a webinar. Please contact us to get the link to the video. We have recorded all sessions. Selected videos can also be found in our YouTube channel: YouTube/Q-nnectAG