Special challenge in M&A: The technical merging

Mergers & Acquisitions is a complex topic. If whole companies or parts of them are taken over by another, it is not only legally and economically challenging, but also technically.

The simulation and visualization of such a takeover alone places special demands on all parties involved. IT systems play a decisive role here and require close examination. SAP systems perform a wide range of tasks and therefore contain all the data needed for a comprehensive analysis of assets, opportunities and risks. To obtain an ad hoc assessment, however, conventional procedures are costly and time-consuming. Regardless of the heterogeneity of the system landscape, the data of acquired companies can be connected, consolidated and viewed in real time with Platform Q!™. Q! effectively supports a company takeover in combination with classic SAP software on a technical level and accelerates the process enormously. Initial information is available in the shortest possible time and can be refined according to requirements.

M&A specialist bancon is Q-nnect partner

Early involvement of experts guarantees a seamless transition to a possible implementation project. Our partner bancon is specialized in SAP S/4HANA migration projects and guides customers through this challenging transformation. From experience, they pay particular attention to the issues of data protection, fast connection and reliable IT structure.

Managing Director Bernhard Stricker has experienced many new developments in the SAP world: R/2, R/3 and now S/4. In his cooperation with Q! he is convinced that the use of state-of-the-art technology is a great advantage for his customers, which can positively influence the ROI of a project. Every business activity can be supported by Q!, which is a rarity with the multitude of special software on the market. Established software houses offer large, complex solutions. Q! on the other hand takes this complexity and convinces with short implementation time and fast results. As a result, IT projects become tangible and are no longer abstract.

M&A powered by Q!

M&A has some challenges in Due Diligence and Post Merger Integration which have to be solved on a technical level. For example, in manufacturing companies the dimensioning of machines to be taken over often turns out to be difficult.
A critical factor is always time, as a takeover should be completed quickly in the interest of both parties. Usually there is a strict budget for such projects. Through simple implementation, lower complexity and high usability for the business user, the usage of Q! technology saves many resources. The project work can start immediately and without prior training and deficiencies in data quality can be effectively detected and illustrated. For example, the takeover of a part of a company can be simulated in a few days.

As with any IT project, data quality within different systems used represents an additional challenge. For this purpose, Q! reads out and consolidates data from various source systems such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Navision, etc. If companies want to visualize the consolidated data in a dashboard, they can use the link to Qlik Sense. According to Gartner Report, Qlik Sense is a leading Business Intelligence provider. A clear presentation of the data can be a key factor in evaluation and provides executives with valuable insights that can be used to make better decisions. Already in the due diligence of any M&A project, synergy effects, target and target status can be identified through simulation and appropriate measures can be derived effectively and data-driven.

A complete planning and forecasting of the merger guarantees the success of the project. If this is also done quickly and effectively, success can be maximized.

During our Q! Explorer Week 2020 Bernhard Stricker presented exactly that live in a webinar. Please contact us to get the link to the video. We have recorded all sessions. Selected videos can also be found in our YouTube channel: YouTube/Q-nnectAG

You can learn more about bancon here: https://bancon-it.com/