We are Q-nnect!

Q-nnect is a company founded in July 2017 with currently 15 employees who want to change the world with their work. Our vision and our actions are based on the following principles:

Software should be simple! Software should be powerful! Software should be innovative!

This hardly applies to currently used software in the business sector. Q-nnect, however, provides software of the next generation that does just that. We want to give our customers the opportunity to achieve all their goals and support them in doing so.

But what exactly does Q-nnect do? Many software products for the business sector, such as ERP systems, have reached the end of their life cycle. This is why innovative, powerful, mobile and flexible software solutions are needed that are tailored to new technological developments and challenges. This is exactly where the idea of our Platform Q! comes in.

The platform is a cloud-based enterprise software, designed and developed with the aim to integrate or gradually replace the company-specific and isolated ERP systems of different software providers. Every day our team works in a relaxed working atmosphere with full eagerness to master the challenges described above even better and to prepare our customers best possible for future developments. At the same time, we are constantly developing our product and the resulting possibilities. Since we are a company that is still at the beginning of its journey, the hierarchies are flat and the communication channels short. This means that everyone can contribute their suggestions for improvement directly and implement their ideas. That is our strength!

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