Post-Merger Integration becomes Pre-Merger Integration - Matthias Progscha held Keynote at PMI Conference

Merger and Acquisition (M&A) are an aspect of strategic management, which allows enterprises to grow, change their culture and to find a better competitive position in the market. Before such advantages can be materialized, organizations need to plan Merger and Acquisition processes carefully. One complex process of M&A is Post Merger Integration, which contains the merging of two organizations system landscapes into one newly combined one.

The PMI Conference is the perfect environment for M&A managers to gain new insights!

On October 25th, professionals and newcomers in the M&A area headed to Frankfurt to learn from each other. The event, organized by Dr. Karl-Michael Popp from SAP, focused on three major topics:

1) Cultural Integration

2) Best Practice Processes and Approaches

3) Digitalization and digital tools within the M&A process

All these topics were discussed and worked out interactively based on Design Thinking Workshops. The participants split up into three workshop groups, which exchanged knowledge and discussed the newest innovation in the field of Post-Merger Integration. Each workshop group had one moderator, who supervised the workshop progress. Before these workshops, Matthias Progscha and Mauritius Bianchi held the first keynote of the conference.

You would never buy a car, without driving it first. Why wouldn't you test the merger before the purchase?

One major issue of Post-Merger Integration is the merger of entire system landscapes, which mostly contain various ERPs, databases and files. This factor can be underestimated during the due diligence process and create ongoing challenges. Matthias Progscha und Mauritius Bianchi introduced a new approach for organizations to validate a possible merger. Organizations are able to improve the due diligence process with Platform Q!. The capability of Platform Q! to connect all system types with a new virtual layer allows companies to create a digital twin of their acquisition target. All datapoints can be displayed with a click, new semantic structures are generated via a graphical user interface. Platform Q! accelerates the M&A process dramatically. All these steps can be accomplished within weeks instead of months. New business objects can be used to create what if scenarios for the future. How does the financial data of my acquisition target influence my P&L now and in the future? Are there any hidden costs I should be aware of? This new method allows you to find an answer to the question “do we buy and if so, how much do we pay?” Matthias Progscha compares this new approach with a car test drive. “You would never buy a car without a test drive. The same applies for companies. With this new approach you can get insights more quickly. Post-Merger integration becomes Pre-Merger integration.”

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