CEO Matthias Progscha is Keynote Speaker at the Post Mergers Integration Conference

Meet our founder at the Conference

Meet Matthias Progscha at the post merges integration conference in Frankfurt on October 25th2019. Mergers and acquisition activities are a crucial strategic method to enhance growth and value of enterprises. However, an acquisition of an enterprise is a big and risky investment and is especially during the post mergers integration a big challenge. One major challenge is the seamless integration of various business systems of the acquired organization with the current system landscape. The Post Mergers Integration Conference, organised by Dr. Karl-Michael Popp, highlights critical success factors and typical approaches of an integration.


M&A of the 21st Century

Matthias Progscha will give the keynote speech with the title “M&A of the 21st Century” and demonstrates how post mergers integration can become quicker and even fun. Get a small teaser how Q-nnect handels M&A scenarios.

In addition, the Post Mergers Integration Conference offers various workshops with interesting topics around M&A. Have a look at the full agenda here.

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