Imagine you have to convert your company to a new financial platform. Not only are you confronted with the challenge of balancing old system landscapes with new functional processes, but you also have to introduce new semantic definitions. This should take place at higher speed and with greater transparency vis-à-vis stakeholders.

Platform Q! has already successfully proven that complex structures can be implemented in new and existing system landscapes - in real time! A sponsor is able to not only see his own order after only a short time , but also, which effects this will have on his organization.

We believe that business software should be as smart and simple as consumer software from major smart phone manufacturers.

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Scenario 1

We have already migrated several decades-old system landscapes into a multi-level, complex target structure at a customer that is one of the largest in the field of aircraft construction - in less than a month and while maintaining a high degree of transparency towards system suppliers and project sponsors.
With our unique capabilities, such as flexible on-the-fly modeling and the transparent provision of system landscapes in just a few seconds, we have carried out process driven inserts and updates into the target system.

Scenario 2

In less than six weeks we achieved the integration of two worlds - a modern mobile platform from Oracle on the one hand and a rigid, outdated legacy platform on the other - for a customer in the water supply sector.
Today, this customer can process current, process-driven statuses and at the same time integrate new facts into the processing - in the portal as well as in the mobile app.