In a rapidly changing world where mergers, acquisitions and divestitures are the order of the day, each company's IT department plays a critical role in consolidating corporate data once the legal framework has been clarified. With old on-board resources, it takes months or even years to do this. In addition to the time factor, additional investments as well as complex data analyses and processes for adapting processes to new target systems are required from the affected companies.

With Platform Q! we have created a tool that is able to carry out such a project in just a few weeks.

The intelligent infrastructure of the semantic integration platform makes it possible to model data in real time and also to generate new data models per one single click. This disruptive approach enables companies to gain quick insight into the acquired companies and to migrate data in the shortest possible time.

Business software must be as smart and simple as software for the individual.

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A leading German automotive supplier of heating and air conditioning systems was purchased by a global Tier 1 supplier. It was not possible to map a common ERP system, as the time and money required for this was considered incalculable. Nevertheless, the new owner demanded to integrate procurement volumes and negotiated prices into a global purchasing system.

Platform Q! was able to complete this task in a few days and save a considerable part of the costs for the M&A process. Both the purchased company and the buyer are happy to provide information about the "disruptive" approach experienced by both parties.