IoT is changing the world we live in, the way we drive, the way we shop and the way we use energy. The challenge for companies of the future is to transform plant, machinery and products into self-learning systems to achieve the required efficiency and flexibility. In addition, the available systems can process data in real time at any time.

With Platform Q! we provide middleware that has the ability to process large data streams across system boundaries in real time. Progress feedback from production, measured values recorded by sensors as well as, for example, specifications from PLM systems and consumption postings from materials management systems can be correctly merged using their semantic meanings. Platform Q!'s advanced architecture thus enables smart maintenance, digital quality management, production monitoring and mobile retrieval of key figures at any time.

Through the combined use of IoT and Platform Q!, production employees become conductors of value creation.

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A leading German automobile manufacturer was looking for an alternative to reading PLC control data. The Siemens controller was connected to Platform Q! and the highly granular information from production was processed as a datastream.

Furthermore, a connection to a KUKA robot was established. By merging machine data with process data from the Business, management reports were created that allow precise statements to be made about the condition of the machines, compliance with specified tolerances to be monitored, and the flow of goods to be specified.