What does data virtualization mean?

Data virtualization means that data from a source system, such as an Excel file, or an ERP system, such as SAP ERP, is displayed on a new virtual data level. The displayed data from a source system is not copied. Data virtualization allows you to take a quick and unified look at enterprise data. The advantage for you is more agility and flexibility to react to market changes.

Data virtualization with Platform Q!

The virtualization of the data is done with the help of two Q-Apps: The Connectivity Workbench and Data Sources application. The connection to a source system is made via the Connectivity Workbench.

Connectivity Workbench

A universal connector for a source system. The meta data of a source system is read using this universal connector. The ability to read data in real time is possible through reinitialization. So you can be sure to always work with current data.

Data Sources

The data source application virtualizes data from a source system and makes it available as a Q object on the Q! platform.