Today's companies have to deal with numerous questions. But how to prepare decisions in the digital age and with which data? How do I distribute my raw materials? What overall effect does a change in these parameters have on my income statement and balance sheet? What is the best way to redesign my organisation?

Answering these questions involves the simulation and analysis of strategic options in every company. With Platform Q! you can both model market changes and play through your own options for action in real time.

Strategy managers and controllers are enabled to parameterize business processes and algorithms independently, to apply them to alternative databases and to conduct the necessary analyses. In addition, the Platform Q! Calculation Engine based on Nvidia graphics cards saves a lot of time and money. The company of tomorrow can thus react quickly to market changes and adapt ideally to the requirements.

We simulate tomorrow's product portfolio with Platform Q! today.

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A large German food manufacturer wants to optimize their product portfolio. The simple connectivity for different systems, Platform Q!, as well as the graphical user interface, which enables departments to create data and simulation models with little help from IT or Data Scientists, were the decisive factors for Platform Q!

The barrier for the strategy department was to relate the 4-year history of a data warehouse system to operative ERP data from sales, production and procurement. This was achieved without the need for time-consuming creation of a data take, but with the help of a semantic model on the existing data stores. As a result, the customer was able to adjust his portfolio and identify potential improvements in product margins.